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ROPI Rotopress

cost efficient, manual flat gluing & pressing in only one work pass

The new ROTO-PRESS processor is an ergonomic work-station for all post printing applications where flat papers and cardboards need to be glued and pressed in small series by hand. However, the system may also be used for laminating valuable products or materials processed before by external hot-melt equipment. In use it will replace the often mandatory production steps of separate down weighting, pressing and pushing. The ROTO-PRESS is especially suitable for all cardboard products which suffer from high restoring forces after gluing and therefore require high pressure.
The ROTO-PRESS is fitted with ROPI’s well known Hand-Glue system. The ballpoint principle of the pen generates consistent clean glue applications. By use of custom templates even reproducible glue patterns can be generated. Removable nozzles with 3, 4 or 6 mm diameter allow accurate lines or dots with the desired glue strength and amount. The Hand-Glue system works with commercially available cold glues, featuring a viscosity of up to 2.000 mPa.
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