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A new processing machine for x fold apllications.

Requirements for processing and finishing printed products are becoming more an more specific and manifold, demanding concequently either plenty for manuel labour, or just a multitude of special machnines. Capacity of these machines are rarely used to the full while they mostly occupy a lot of needful space. It was this perception that brought us to develop a new universal machine, which would be suitable for many a processing jobs.

The machine has been erected onto the standard chassis of the well-known ROPI FK 3500 machine and thuis it provides a reliable solution at a reasonable price.
All drives are equipped with frequencycontrolled three-phase-motors of the existing series, and also other components come from the existing series production to a large extent, warranting in this way an absolute spare part provision.

The basic machine integrates a friction feeder, which can be equipped with additional suction elements.
In case of need, corresponding feeders are available according to requirements, which are changed by very simple assembly.
The whole installation disposes of separately adjustable cycle speed.
The basic machine comes equipped with a 1.50 m long conveyor, automatic scaling and separate belt drive.
Materials are conveyed in the machine over several belts with parallel-guided spacing mechanism.
The machine table is equipped with capture bars for independently adjustable carrier systems. Separate
units, such as glue nozzles for „hot melt“ or cold glues, automatic feeder unit for CD or DVD trays, blocks, calendar parts, commercial samples, advertising and gift articles, label dispensers, etc. . . can be mounted onto the carrier systems.
Proper pick and place systems, as wall as purchased units, card dispensers, barcode readers or ink jet printing can be mounted in an easy and flexible way.

Specific solutions and combining it with other equipment as an online component are easily possible at reasonable prices.
For producers of CD and DVD boxes, calendars and blocks, advertising articles and various printing articles as wall as for catalogue, magazine and mass mailing senders, this ROPI X-TEC 640 offers a multitude of possibilites and therefore constitutes the multiplier of applications and a value-adding equipment.

With a 640 mm uptkae width, this machine meets the required formats and distinguishes itself in an advantageous price/performance ratio.
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